Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Tuesday - April 6, 2010

9:15 AM - a cup of organic, instant coffee

11:00 AM - homemade broccoli soup (organic broccoli, water, organic basil, a bay leaf and thyme) and a dash of olive oil

1:00 PM - Choconut Diet Saver Shake - hot water + 2 heaping tablespoons of pure cocoa + 3 tablespoons of coconut fiber/flour + 1 scoop of Jarrow Formulas unflavored whey protein + stevia

4:00 PM - a cup of organic, instant coffee

7:30 PM - a large piece of chuck roast, organic avocado slices and a can of Zevia (natural diet) ginger ale

More to come ... I hope!


anne h said...

I love my instant coffee, too.
I can make it, like, 5 times as strong!
Just Kidding, JP!
I only make it four times as strong!

Harry/JP said...

The strength of my coffee is entirely dictated by my brain-hand connection. I don't measure the amount I add. I just allow my noggin to guide how much I add to the cup! :-)

Vadim said...

How is the Jarrow formula whey protein?

Harry/JP said...


I think the quality is good. The taste is basically neutral. They make a chocolate and vanilla version too but they contain added fructose. The unflavored variety is unsweetened - to which I often add some natural flavor (cocoa powder or instant coffee) and stevia.

I also like this product because it's pretty economical if purchased online.

Vadim said...


Harry/JP said...

Anytime, amigo. :-)