Sunday, April 4, 2010

Buona Pasqua

Just wanted to drop by to wish you all a joyful Easter day (in Italian). I hope you'll all have some down time and the chance to spend it with your loved ones. I'm going solo for most of the day. Mad's been on a business trip in New York. I'm picking her up from the airport later tonight.

I plan to make some substantial changes around here. Rather than typing about them, I'll just show you what they are in the coming days. Hopefully they'll be of some value and use to all involved.

What better day than Easter to try to bring about a positive change, eh?

PS - I was just on the Whole Foods Market website and I discovered a minor feature that might save me (and you) a dollar or two on occasion. They have a coupon page online. (Link: Whole Foods Coupon Page). It'll save me a few dollars (literally) when I visit "Whole Paycheck" this afternoon. Every little bit helps.

PPS - Just had an earthquake over here. Scary!

9:00 AM - a cup of organic, instant coffee

11:00 AM - recipe trial: "Pre-Meal Appetite Tamer" a combination of pure cocoa powder, whey protein, coconut fiber/flour and stevia.

1:30 PM - 2 thin slices of Purity Bread toast topped with organic cream cheese and Nature's Hollow strawberry jam (all-natural and sweetened only with xylitol)

3:00 PM - a cup of organic, instant coffee

6:00 PM - homemade almond and hazelnut pancakes and Nature's Hollow sugar free maple syrup + a cup of organic, instant coffee

I needed to make a fresh batch of pancakes so I figured I'd just have some for dinner while I was at it.

10:30 PM - a few ounces of raw Raclette cheese and a few thin slices of domestic prosciutto + sopressata

More to come ... I hope!


anne h said...

Darling JP and Lovely Mad
Happy Easter to you both - I hope you're having the best weekend ever!

bayoubabe said...

HARRY! Hope yall had a blessed Easter as well !!

bayoubabe said...

I saw something on the internet that said Whole Foods 'advertises' that their food is grown locally, well, on the 'frozen foods' section packages on the back, some where from other countries !!

Harry/JP said...

Thank you, Anne!

My baby's back home. Just picked her up from LAX> The weekend ended on a high note! :-)

Hope the upcoming week treats you kindly and then some!

Harry/JP said...

Happy Easter to you and yours as well, BB!

What you say about the Whole Foods brand of frozen fruits and veggies is true - in my experience. I think they mean that their fresh produce is locally grown in many instances.

Nice to see you back around. I'll be by your neck of the blogosphere very soon! :-)