Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Mad's B-Day Dinner (Starters)

Spanish Stuffed Olives - Five Ways

Basque Lamb Chops

Mussels w/ Chorizo & Aji Amarillo-Pisco Broth

This past Sunday we celebrated the most special day of the year, Mad's birthday. We visited an incredibly delicious restaurant in downtown LA called Rivera.

Main course coming up ...


~Oct said...

Happy birthday Mad! I hope it was a beautiful and memorable one.

Harry/JP said...

Thanks for that, Oct!

I'll let Mad know! :-)

anne h said...

YAY - and Happy Birthday to the most wonderful Mad!

Harry/JP said...

Danke, Anne!

I will pass along your birthday wishes to my lady very soon! :-)

Low Carb Daily said...

Wow that looks unreal.... that presentation is impeccable!

Happy birthday to Mad, happy birthday to you!

onward and DOWNARD,

Harry/JP said...

It was pretty spectacular, Angie!

Thank you for your happy b-day wishes! I'll let Mad know. I'm sure it'll bring a beautiful smile to her face! :-)

Onward and downward indeed!

4athomej said...

Oh...all I can say is YUM...lucky:)

Harry/JP said...

Yum is right. The braised pork was especially memorable. Luckily my taste buds adjust back to normal food pretty quickly. :-)