Monday, April 5, 2010

Monday - April 5, 2010

9:15 AM - a cup of organic, instant coffee

10:30 AM - recipe trial: "Tropical Pre-Meal Appetite Tamer" a combination of strawberry whey protein, coconut fiber/flour, cold water and stevia.

12:15 PM - a homemade carnitas bowl: pulled pork with organic chipotle salsa and organic sour cream

2:00 PM - a cup of organic, instant coffee

6:00 PM - homemade broccoli soup (organic broccoli, water, organic basil, a bay leaf and thyme) and a dash of olive oil

I felt like some soup. In an experimental mood. The recipe is based entirely on my imagination (or lack thereof) and what was on hand. Wanted something healthy and lite. Even left out the salt.

The soup was just fine. Nothing I'd have just for the taste of it. But it was nutritious and soothing. Mission accomplished.

9:00 PM - low carb pepperoni pizza (Purity Bread, sugar-free "pink sauce", nitrate-free pepperoni and asiago cheese) + a bottle of Virgil's all-natural, diet Black Cherry Cream Soda

More to come ... I hope!


anne h said...

Glad you are a good experimenter in the soup department.
Let's eat some now, eh?

Harry/JP said...

I have to make some more today, Anne! I'm all out!

This time it will likely be an asparagus base. I have some frozen asparagus spears in the freezer that are feeling kind of lonely. :-)