Tuesday, March 23, 2010

The ABCs of Monday

Sorry it took so long to post the pics, folks!

Anne "Carb Tripper" - Paid us a visit on Monday and brightened our day. As lovely a soul as we both imagined.

Burgers - We all decided on burgers for lunch. No buns of course.

Cheesecake - That's right. We shared a slice of cheesecake. After all, we did eat at The Cheesecake Factory. LC cheesecake with Splenda sweetened whipped cream. Pic to come.

The bonus pic is of some natural (no nitrates) mini pepperoni-pizzas I recently cooked up. I made them using Julian Bakery's Purity Bread. Very tasty and oh so easy to prepare.


Low Carber said...

Geez.. you guys have all the fun. Hurry up with the pics.. Good to see your still on track :)

anne h said...

Harry - JP -Mad
Just got home and hooked up online after my big vacation!
It was AWESOME to meet y'all - and the lunch was GREAT!
Thanks - let's do it again next year, eh?

SheZug said...

Hi Harry... this isn't a comment to post, just a note for you.

I just wanted to say thank you, I got the package of protein powders last week. I can't remember where you asked me to post a comment about them.

I'll be trying them out in a couple of days.

Harry/JP said...

Sorry for the delay, LC! Mad's been traveling the past week and she's got the camera! Will post once she's back on Monday!

Harry/JP said...

It's was fantastic to meet you and share a little time with you, Anne! :-)

You're every bit as cool and sweet as we imagined.

Next year sounds like a plan. We'll look forward to it!

Harry/JP said...

I'm happy to know they arrived, Donna. Thanks for letting me know.

Please post your comments/opinion about them here:


Looking forward to hearing your thoughts!

anne h said...

Harry - I loved the protein as well....
I have been doing renovations -
must be a Low Carb thing!
You are a great guy to share to much real and useful information with us!

Harry/JP said...

I hope the renovations/move goes well, Anne. I know it can't be easy but I'm sure it'll be worth it in the end.

When all the dust settles, can you please post your thoughts about the protein at this URL?


Thanks for all your kind words and for being your wonderful self, Anne! You're awesome!


~Oct said...

So fun to see that some of my blog friends got together in real!

Harry/JP said...

It was truly fantastic, Oct. A real treat.

Anne is just as generous and kind in person as she is online. She has such a loving and peaceful way about her.

It's always great when an online friend matches your expectations. Or in this case - exceeds them! :-)