Sunday, November 30, 2008

일 9

I've been advised, by a few highly influential people, to not get down on myself. So, I shall endeavor to emphasize the positive today.

So, what's going right these days? Well, I haven't binged lately. I haven't been to a fast food drive-thru or ordered (for delivery) any off-plan foods. I've even survived a traditional feasting holiday (Thanksgiving) while preserving my LC objective and being considerate of the food choices of others.

I know that I'm about 20 lbs, or so, lighter than my previous high-weight. My clothes are fitting better. I'm setting a better example for my wife and family. And, I'm making some new friends with similar goals and a common challenge.

Maybe I'll extend my Thanksgiving sentiments a little longer than I usually do.

Sunday - November 30, 2008

10:30 am

+ a cup of instant coffee, with a dash of half-and-half and a packet of stevia with FOS *

+ the last piece of leftover "pumpkin bake" (recipe linked in yesterday's blog - but, I used pure stevia extract instead of Splenda)

1:30 pm

+ 2 scrambled "cheesy eggs" - (with added cheddar cheese)

+ 5 slices of natural bacon

+ 3/4 of a small avocado

4:15 pm

+ one cup of "choco-coffee" - (two tablespoons of pure cocoa powder, 1 teaspoon of instant coffee, one packet of stevia with FOS and a splash of half-and-half)

6:30 pm

+ market-bought prime rib (approx. 4-6 oz?)

+ half-cup or so of homemade mashed cauliflower

10:00 pm

+ leftover clean-up time:

- one deviled egg
- two slices of natural bacon
- 3 slices of tomatoes with 3 slices of mozarella, topped with mini-basil leaves and a touch of olive oil

+ approx. 2 oz of salami (a gift from my wife, from her recent business trip)

+ a glass of red wine

More to come ... I hope!


Erika said...

hehehe Good to see you're taking our advice :)

The menu looks great! Lots of variety, all different colours and uncluttering at the same time. What more could you ask for?

Vadim said...

Good job! You are cruising in control, keep it up! I think a glass of red wine a day is an excellent idea. I know you previously said you had problem falling a sleep without over the counter help. Doesnt wine mellow you out? I know when I drink it wine mellows me. I am not too big on wine, but i think I might start incorporating it before sleep, may be 4 oz or so!

Lora said...

Hey, Harry!

Keep up the good work!

Take care.

Harry said...

Thanks for the encouragement ladies and gent. Much appreciated!

Vadim - Wine does mellow me out. But, apparently not as much as the OTC sleeping pill.

I don't really drink wine for the taste (though, it's growing on me) or for it's possible effect on sleep. I mainly drink it for the other potential health benefits.

It's funny though, certain wines mellow me out more than others - even though the alcohol content is supposedly the same. Weird, eh?

Be well, y'all!