Saturday, June 19, 2010

Saturday Dinner Party

Low Carb Coconut Flan

Freshly Baked LC Pecan Cookies

We're having some friends over for dinner tonight. It's going to be a low carb feast - artichoke hearts, an assortment of exotic cheeses, olives, salad, creamed spinach, steak, red wine, LC cheesecake, LC pecan cookies and coffee. I'm probably leaving a few things out but that gives a pretty good idea of what we're planning.

Much of the fare is homemade. I just baked the cookies yesterday evening and the creamed spinach just passed it's final taste inspection. Thumbs up on both counts. If I manage to pull off the steaks without a hitch all will be well in Wowee Zoweeville. Fingers crossed.

Speaking of the steaks ... I'm firing up our mini-barbecue tonight. A sure sign that Summer is indeed upon us. Great weather for such an occasion - mid 70's and mostly clear skies. We're usually on the receiving end of the sweet scent of neighboring barbecues. But tonight we're fighting back!

Apart from that I've been running some errands today and prepping a new LC recipe that I'm planning for my Tuesday Healthy Fellow column. In their own way, weekends are often as busy at weekdays. But I'm thankful for it all. As difficult and hectic as life can be sometimes, there's always so much more to be grateful about. I'm typing that as reminder for myself as much as anything else.

I hope you all have a wonderful weekend and week ahead. Here's hoping for a healthy and joyful Summer for us all.


~Oct said...

What a wonderful party that will be. Post pics if you can, not just of the food but of the happy revelers too. Summer is a lovely time of year.

~Oct said...

I know I commented on this post earlier today ... hmm, but it's not here so I must have missed a final confirmation or something. I'll try again! I can't wait to hear about the summer party and see pics of not only the food, but maybe some of the happy revelers too. Everything sounds smashing and it makes me want to seek out some grilling friends for a summer party too.

Harry/JP said...

It was great, Oct. Lots of good food, great company and lively debate! I'm not sure the neighbors were very happy with us though. :-)

We didn't take any photos that night but I'll post a sneak peak of a new recipe I just created last night.

You and Cro should definitely do some grilling! Grilling friends? I'm sure you've got plenty of those!

PS - Sorry about the post delay. I've adopted a screening process for comment posts - due to some SPAM I've encountered along the way. Don't want any visitor to be subjected to that garbage. You probably know how it goes ...

~Oct said...

Yeah, I had a DOH moment right after submitting the second comment and realizing that you were screening them. I definitely know what it's like to take measures against SPAM. The new recipe looks delish. We might grill this weekend but maybe not since Cro and I and maybe several of my adult cousins will be going to a blacksmithing festival. Either way it will be fun! Glad your party was fun enough to bug the neighbors, hehe.

Harry/JP said...

Hope you guys have a great time at the festival, Oct. :-)

In case you'd like to try the new recipe, it'll be posted on Healthy Fellow this evening. I think it turned out pretty well. I'm also posting a Coconut Walnut Chocolate Bark recipe tonight. A double-feature!

~Oct said...

Exciting. :) The coconut flan looks great and the bark sounds great. I'll be looking for the post. Thanks!

Harry/JP said...


I think they both turned out pretty well. Here's a direct link:

I hope you try them out and that both you and Cro enjoy them. :-)

anne h said...

I went to Whole Foods and thought about you today!
Have a great wonderful weekend, and happy 4th!

Harry/JP said...

Thanks, Anne!

I haven't been on here lately. Just got your message!

I hope your 4th rocked! Mine was rather quiet and involved much work. Not bad ... just not very eventful. Unless you consider fireworks going off outside your balcony an event. :-)

I hope you have a great week. Off to visit your site now!