Sunday, June 6, 2010

Graduation Lunch

Rib Eye Steak w/ Steamed Broccoli and Creamed Spinach

Yesterday we attended a graduation lunch at Spago in Beverly Hills. Unfortunately, it wasn't the right occasion to snap any food photos.* The menu wasn't 100% LC friendly but we chose carefully and asked for one minor change to make the entree "on plan".

Starter: Caesar Salad w/ Anchovies and Roasted Peppers

It was an elegantly presented salad that came with a piece of toasted, artisan bread topped with a butter spread and roasted peppers. We enjoyed the salad and scooped the peppers off of the toast. Easy peasy and delicious.

Entree: Roasted Chicken w/ an Assortment of Mushrooms and Veggies

This originally came with potato puree as well. We asked them to hold the puree and double up on the mushrooms/veggies. The chicken was outstanding and was accompanied by a rich reduction sauce. So good. Perhaps the best chicken I've ever had! The white meat was so flavorful and juicy! There must have been a magician working in the kitchen!

Dessert: Just a cup of black coffee for me. Mad had a cappuccino. No need for anything else. We were both satisfied but not stuffed. A good feeling.

Tonight we're going to another graduation party. It'll be a much more casual affair - pizza and salad, chips and soda, etc. We'll most likely eat prior to going and see if we find something that works for us while we're there.

It's great to be able to go to such events, respect our health goals and still enjoy the celebration. In fact, I think we enjoy these gathering even more nowadays. Why? Because we're not feeling ashamed/bad about harming ourselves re: overeating and we're focusing more so on the reason for the celebration in the first place - our family and friends ... not self-medicating ourselves with food. As an added bonus, we also set a better example for those around us. Always a good feeling.

* This is an old photo I don't think I've posted before. It's an image from my birthday dinner earlier this year. Mad and I shared the steak and a glass of organic red wine on this occasion. A near perfect meal with my perfect mate!


anne h said...

Awesome, fancy place - no pics for the blog!
Have fun tonight, as well!
My best to Mad as usual...

Harry/JP said...

Fancy indeed. My first time there.

PS - Added an old pic!

Like the new photo of you, Anne! :-)