Sunday, June 13, 2010

Egg Bake Madness

We've made egg bakes every Sunday morning for the past several weeks. Mad and I have it for breakfast/brunch and enjoy the leftovers during the week days. Each "pie" makes 8 slices and travels well. It tastes great and you can add anything to the party you'd like. We've experimented with different cheeses, fresh herbs and salsas. This morning I also included some chopped bacon for variety. Very tasty!

Recipe: New Mexican Egg Bake

I hope you're all having a great weekend. Best wishes for the upcoming week and beyond.

I'm off to make some LC cookies now!


anne h said...

Harry - JP
This sounds soooo good - I want to eat everything you cook!
♡ to Mad!

Harry/JP said...

Hola, Anne!

You've got to try it! The leftovers are as delicious as the first bite!

If you do try, please let me know if you vary up the recipe. Always looking for new tricks. :-)

Hope you have a wonderful day!