Saturday, March 6, 2010


Mad and I celebrated a late Valentine's Day on Friday night at a special spot, Bouchon. It was one of our favorite meals ever! So delicious and the staff were all very attentive and kind. We even spotted a celebrity of sorts, Alex Guarnaschelli of the Food Network (Alex's Day Off, Chopped, The Best Thing I Ever Ate, etc.).

We snapped a few photos along the way - much to the displeasure of some of the other diners. :-0

Marinated Olives

Escargot w/ Pastry Tops Taken Off

Braised Pork Belly w/ Spring Pole Beans & Mustard Vinaigrette

Sauteed Garlic Spinach

Pan-Seared Prime Flatiron

Mad didn't eat the pastry tops that came on the escargot hors-d'oeuvres
pan and I didn't eat the garbanzo beans that accompanied the pork belly. Needless to say, I left the French frites on the plate as well.

As a main course, Mad enjoyed
pan-roasted trout with haricots verts & beurre noisette. She was thrilled with it. I tried a bite and completely understood why - it was ultra-rich, flavorful and velvety smooth.

All-in-all, a very memorable and romantic night. They even gave us an extra special table due to the occasion and being as though it was our first time eating there. What a treat!

PS - I recently reported on a study that examined the relative merits of a low carb Mediterranean diet vs. a traditional Mediterranean diet and a diet advocated by the American Diabetic Association. Here's what the researchers discovered: Low Carb Med Diet Link


anne h said...

YOU and Mad are a very classy couple!
Yummy on all of the fancy things.
Or in other words - wowee*zowee!
Aptly named!

Harry/JP said...

Thanks, Anne. :-) You're at least half right ... the Mad half. ;-)

Hope you're having a wowee zowee weekend!

Vadim said...

You guys are a classy couple, i second Anne h on that one. Yammy pictures. How is Mad doing on her low carb journey?

Harry/JP said...

Thank you, Mr. V. :-)

Mad is doing quite well. She's been sticking to the program pretty much 100% even when traveling. The weight loss has slowed but she's not allowing that to derail her ultimate goal - better health.

~Oct said...

I'd love to eat somewhere and see a food network star show up (that would give me great confidence that it would be an awesome quality meal. Glad you and Mad had a great Vday. And keep taking those photos (even if other people don't understand why).

Harry/JP said...


It was kind of fun. We watch quite a lot of the programming on the Food Network. Alex was there with her husband and kids so it wasn't appropriate for us to give our regards. Didn't want to interupt a family night out. Still it was cool just to see what restaurant she actually likes to dine at in her personal time.

Last year when we were in NYC we ate The Palm and sat at a table next one of the other judges from the show Chopped, Marc Murphy.

Mad did say hello to him that night and he was really kind. :-)

Low Carber said...

heya Harry

Looks yummy! I am almost back to blogging.. I am back in Japan closing down my school.. will be back in AMerica in April..trying to stay low much as possible.. so much to do and so little time to do it..

Glad to see you are doing well!

Harry/JP said...

Good to hear from you, LC!

Glad to know you're staying pretty much on plan even in the midst of a major move. Not easy to do! Good for you!

Looking forward to having your voice back in the blogosphere once again.

Until then, take good care.