Sunday, February 28, 2010

Mad's Latest Adventure

Mad traveled to New York this past week due to a death in the family. Upon her arrival, one of the worst snow storms in recent history came to town.

The good news? Maddy was able to traverse the treacherous landscape safely and remain true to her LC lifestyle even while going through a stressful and emotionally devastating time.

In other news, I recently posted an LC recipe that we've both been enjoying very much: Almond Pancakes. There are a couple of other LC creations and finds that we're currently working on as well. More on those as we work out all the kinks.

As for myself, I continue to stay on my own LC path - maintaining my weight and enjoying a rather diverse and nutritious diet. No significant stumbles to speak of ...

One final note: Maddy and I have been meditating lately - two sessions of about 15 minutes each per day, one in the morning and one at night. It's really helping us to feel more serene and in control - regardless of the circumstances.


anne h said...

Meditation - how wonderful is that.
I used to meditate when I had no worries -
many years ago. Seemed like I was marking time.
Now I could use a dose of healthy inner silence - or dialoge - depending!
Yum on the pancakes!
My Best To Mad! (sounds like the title of a blog!)

Harry/JP said...


I think it's really helping. It's not necessarily easy to consciously quiet the mind. But you know how "easy" goes. :-)

Thus far we've been practicing a silent/thoughtful mantra meditation - our own take on Transcendental Meditation ... which I studied many years ago.

The pancakes are yummy! I just had a few with some organic ricotta cheese and natural, sugar-free strawberry preserves on top. Mmmm.

Mad sends you her best regards as well!

~Oct said...

Please let Maddy know that I'm sorry for your loss. That snow looks intimidating. I know we got more than our usual share this year but the eastern states received a crazy amount. A friend in Philly was afraid her balcony was going to give way from the weight of it. Meditation sounds wonderfully calming.

Warm wishes to you both.

Harry/JP said...

Thank you, Oct. :-)

Vadim said...

I didnt think the snow storm was that bad at all, but then again I am from deep roots of Russia. I thought it was a baby storm. Actually I made it to work to find out our instituition was closed.

Sorry to hear of Mad loss in the family, please accept my condolences.

Harry/JP said...


I think the storm seemed even worse to Mad because she had to drive long distances on those snowy streets. Not easy - especially under the circumstances.

Mad grew up in NY but has been here in sunny, southern California for about 12 years now. Her tolerance for cold has long since passed! :)

I'll pass along your condolences. Thank you, my friend.