Monday, March 15, 2010

Natural Products Expo West

Mad's Seafood Dinner

My Lamb Entree

Hanging with Dr. Michael Murray

No Artificial Sweeteners at the Show!

This is was an action packed weekend in the Wowee Zowee/Healthy Fellow household. We attended the Natural Products Expo West in Anaheim - along with about 56,000 other people! We also celebrated our Dad's 76th b-day on Saturday night. It was pretty fantastic! All of it! Above you'll find a visual tour that captures some of the magic.

BTW, I'll post some information about a cool LC giveaway later tonight on If you're interested in trying Jay Robb's new brown rice protein powder, let me know and I'll send some of to you - as long as our supplies last!


anne h said...

I guess that means no Monster Energy Low Carb drink, eh? Drat the luck!
Looks great - all of it!

Harry/JP said...

Monster may have been there! There was so much to do and see and I'm sure I missed a thing or twenty! :-)

Oh well, there's always next year ... I hope!

Vadim said...

Yes, yes, yes and yes! I am absolutely up to trying Jay Robb protein powder sample. What should I do beyond looking pretty, lol? I think, not too sure, I may be a bit insensitive to the whey even though I love the taste. Harry, thats why you are a real jewel. Not only you always come up with intresting articles, but free smaples now, hurah!

~Oct said...

How exciting! The food and photos all look fabulous. Glad you had a great time ... I can tell by your smile. Happy bday to your dad!

Harry/JP said...


The sample will be on it's way shortly! Hope you enjoy them!

Harry/JP said...

Thanks, Oct! :-)

Erika said...

Did you learn anything new at the function? *off to check HF now* :)

Harry/JP said...

Howdy, Erica!

Many new things. Lots and lots of new stevia-based products on display. I also did quite a lot of investigating about a supplement known as krill oil. We even sampled a few soon-to-be-released Atkins cookies - very tasty! It's a tough job but somebody's got to do it! :-)