Sunday, January 17, 2010

A Romantic Sunday Brunch

Artichoke Soup - as a starter

Steak and Eggs w/Grilled Onions and Roasted Peppers

Poached Eggs with Pork Belly & Guacamole

Mad and I went to a local haunt for brunch this morning/early afternoon. The food was great and we even ran across a kinda-sorta celebrity who parked next to our car. This guy (Walton Goggins) - from the series The Shield.

We shared the two dishes. Mad had a spicy blood Mary with her meal and I had a glass of red wine (Syrah). We asked for the steak breakfast without potatoes but they brought them anyway. No big deal though ... they were easy enough to remove from the plate. ;-)


anne h said...

How romantic for you two.♡♡
AND a celebrity!

Harry/JP said...

It was pretty great, Anne. :-) The brunch part at least.

Celebrities are pretty common around these parts. Especially in the hip/trendy neighborhood this restaurant is located in. Still, it's kind of fun to see actors up close and personal. Sometimes they look just like they do on the big (or small) screen. Other times the difference is dramatic/borderline shocking. :-0

SheZug said...

I've been craving poached eggs for days now, your pictures sent me over the cliff and I had one last night. Heaven!

p.s. I gave you a little award, you'll have to go read my blog post today.

Harry/JP said...

Eggsellent! :-)

I'm off to your site to see about that award! Very eggciting! ;-)

~Oct said...

Yum. Romantic lunch on the weekend sounds wonderful. *counts fingers* ooh, 3 days to go and I can do that too. :)

Harry/JP said...

That's what weekends are for, Oct! :-)

I'll be by to read all about it.

My best to you and Cro!

anne h said...

Dear Harry/JP
You are one of the "serious" guys in BlogLand.
None-the-less, I left you a nice little Blog Award over on my post, just to "show the lurve!"
And as usual - my best to Mad!

Harry/JP said...

Thanks, Anne! You're a sweetheart! :-) I'll be by to check it out!

Two awards in one week?! What's going on around here?! ;-)