Saturday, January 23, 2010

A Delicious Game Plan

Assorted Cheeses, Cured Meats, Gherkins and Marcona Almonds

Beef Short Ribs and Baby Asparagus

New York Strip Steak w/Baby Asparagus

I have a new resolution: I want to bring our digital camera to every event in which we eat out - family gatherings, parties, romantic dinners, etc. That way we can document how we (try to) make the best/practical LC decisions in sometimes tricky situations.

This afternoon we'll be going out to run some errands. One of them is to re-size our wedding rings. This is a "good trouble" that often accompanies significant weight loss. At least we'll be doing this together. That way we'll both be without our wedding rings at the same time.

After our stop at the jewelers, we'll have an elegant dinner at a local restaurant. We often use dinner dates as a time to discuss our hopes and plans for the distant and near future. This is entirely by design. We came up with this strategy as an enjoyable way to slow down, for at least a few hours, and reflect on the things that often fall through the cracks during the busy week.

I'll post our photos from tonight's dinner later on. I hope the snap shots look as good as the menu sounds. :-)

PS - Mad had a spicy Bloody Mary and I had a glass of red wine (Santa Barbara Syrah) with dinner. Also, we didn't eat the dried cranberries or raisins on the first plate - or the sliced bread which we removed prior to snapping the photo.


anne h said...

When you bring your camera,
take the flash along,
so you can eat "light!"
This didn't come out right, but you know what I meant!
Have fun on your romantic "dinner date!"

Harry/JP said...

Ha! Thanks, Anne! It was a winner-winner, romantic dinner! :-)

~Oct said...

I LOVE this idea, JP. Well, I love both of them ... having a dinner out with the significant other is a great relationship builder. Taking photos of your healthy selections is a great way to share how you are keeping it healthy and motivate others!

Harry/JP said...

Thanks, Oct! It's already enriching our lives and I hope it might be helpful for others too.

I wish you and Cro a wonderful weekend!

Lupe said...

Goodness gracious, those photos are gorgeous! I wish I could cook like that! My dinners look like basic slabs 'o meat (or eggs) sitting on a chipped saucer, ha ha. I need a good digital camera so I can start documenting my eats, but they will NEVER look this good.

I'm getting a lot of inspiration from your blog - I'm new to low carb and still feeling my way into it.

Best wishes,
Lupe aka Ms Sat Fat

anne h said...

Dearest JP
I wish for you a great, and wonderful week ahead!
My best to Mad!

Harry/JP said...

Thanks, Lupe! :-)

But I can't take credit for this dinner. We went out to a restaurant that night. ;-)

I'm happy to know that you're on the LC path and that this blog is helping to root you on. That's what Jimmy Moore's site and many of the other blogs by the people in the "followers" section did/do for me too.

I know that if I can stick with this program (losing and maintaining the loss) ... anyone can. Another upside is that I feel healthier than ever and I actually enjoy my diet.

I wish you great success in your new program and beyond! :-)

Harry/JP said...

Back at ya, Anne! :-)

Stay strong - like a palm tree in a storm as Vadim would say.

Erika said...

Me too Lupe! It's all big-cookup-once-a-week for me. Lovely to see something nice and fresh. Enjoy!

Harry/JP said...


I think I could learn a lot from your approach. I do incorporate some planning into my weekly menus. But I can stand to do more of that.

Thanks for the reminder! :-)