Friday, January 15, 2010

Chipotle Bison Taco Salad Bites

Chipotle Bison Taco Salad Bites

New and Improved Stuffed Tomatoes (Before)

New and Improved Stuffed Tomatoes (After)

Try saying that 10x fast! I was in the mood for a Mexican style meal the other night so I created these finger foods. I used to eat taco salads all the time during my teenage years. You know the ones with an enormous taco shell bowl/crust. Anyhow, this a way to make a much healthier version (using Belgian endive leaves as shells) while still getting most of the taste and texture on that old favorite.

Update: Bison Chipotle "Taco" Recipe (Link)

On the personal front, Mad's been doing great. Two friends recently commented on how beautiful and healthy she looked. These gal-pals began inquiring about how Mad was losing the weight and one went as far as asking about menu suggestions. One of these ladies is a new mom and would benefit tremendously from a positive change in lifestyle. Is there anything better than inspiring positive changes in others?

Weight-wise, I'm still stable at about 180 lbs and Mad's slowly but surely continuing to drop on the scale. No hiccups to speak of on the LC front.

PS - We tried a new variation of stuffed tomatoes this evening. Instead of using cream cheese, we used drained ricotta. Much, much better! The combination of parmesan, provolone, ricotta and soft goat cheese + fresh basil + fresh cracked pepper + red pepper flakes and sea salt really popped! It was oh so pizza-like. Mmmm.


anne h said...

Love the term "gal pal!"
And YAY for Mad!

Harry/JP said...


She's got lots of 'em! :-) Mad attracts all kinds of friend ... with good reason.

I hope you're doing well, my friend. I'll be dropping by shortly to see if it's so ...

anne h said...

And it is so!
(With me lately, ya just never know!)

Harry/JP said...

I'm thrilled to hear it! :-)

Just keep away from the spiders!

Low Carb Daily said...

I'm drooling over the taco salad pictures...

What are the little "boats" of??


Harry/JP said...

Thanks, Angie! :-)

They're Belgian endive leaves. I've just added a link to the actual recipe:

I hope you enjoy them, if you try them out!