Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Quick Breakfast Post

My current favorite breakfast: organic cottage cheese + all-natural (sugar-free) fruit preserves * and raw, organic walnut halves. Couldn't be easier to throw together. Super nutritious and relatively low-carb. Love the taste and texture. The walnuts give it a granola-type crunch without the empty calories.

* We use the Nature's Hollow brand of xylitol-sweetened fruit preserves. All the flavors rock, IMO.


anne h said...

Love this idea - love it so much Ima try it in the morning!

SheZug said...

ooo sounds yummy!

Harry/JP said...

I hope you love it after trying it too, Anne!

I'm about to make myself a bowl as well!

The cool thing is that one can keep it fresh by using different types of fruit preserves and nuts. But for now, blueberry preserves and walnuts works just fine! :-)

Hope your day rocks!

Harry/JP said...

It really is, SheZug! My idea of an ideal fast food breakfast. :-)

I hope today feels a little easier than yesterday. Keep up the good work! Rooting for you!

Vadim said...

Love that brand. The only problem for me is portion control. What else is new?!

Harry/JP said...

Howdy, Vadim.

This isn't a joke question: Have you considered using measuring spoons? The eyes of those with disordered eating (like me) aren't the most reliable tools. Measuring out food helps to take something that can be subjective and turns it into something that is objective and quantifiable. This is quite important, IMO. At least until our eyes learn how to aid us in our weight loss/maintenance goals.

Nice to hear from you and I hope you're doing well.