Sunday, October 11, 2009

315 - 321

*** If you haven't already heard - Linda Genaw, a long standing part of Jimmy Moore's forum and the creator of a truly fantastic (and free) LC recipe site, is currently in the midst of a medical crisis involving her husband. They're desperately in need of some emotional, financial and spiritual support. Please considering helping out. ***

Another week in my low carb existence ...

1. I wrote a column for the HealthyFellow site examining the effects of a low carb bar vs. pumpkin seeds vs. a higher carbohydrate bar on my blood sugar levels. The Atkins Bar Test.

2. I've reintroduced Amazing Grass Green Superfood into my daily pudding and shakes. I'm also back to using organic coconut milk - instead of the coconut butter or shredded coconut. My kitchen is a science lab and I never stop tinkering. :)

3. My body seems to be getting used to my chosen "ideal weight" (180 lbs on 5'11 + frame). Some days I eat more than others and yet my weight rarely fluctuates much. I think this is a good sign. I also know that my fasting blood sugar is pretty fantastic - in 70's - 80's - based on my recent testing. Another reason to be optimistic.

Monday Dinner - spicy catfish (from Whole Foods Market) and homemade Parmesan mashed cauliflower

Tuesday Dinner -
sauteed wild shrimp and homemade creamed spinach

Wednesday Dinner -
"pepper steak" (from Whole Foods Market) with homemade Parmesan mashed cauliflower

Thursday Dinner -
carnitas (from Whole Foods Market) and organic avocado slices

Friday Dinner -
turkey chili (from Whole Foods Market) topped with organic chives, organic sour cream and extra sharp cheddar cheese and homemade guacamole

Saturday Lunch - herb crusted salmon, steamed asparagus spears (from The Cheesecake Factory) and unsweetened iced tea

Sunday Brunch - organic, omega-3 cheesy eggs (organic DHA-enriched eggs, a splash of organic half and half, soft goat cheese, fresh organic chives, fresh cracked organic pepper and sea salt) natural center cut bacon and organic avocado slices


anne h said...

you said *avocado*
Looking mighty good, LC guy!

Harry/JP said...

Thanks, Anne!

Avocados in mid-October. Got to love it!

Red, ripe and delicious tomatoes too! Can't wait to stuff them tomorrow night!

Hope your upcoming week is guacamoltastic!

Anonymous said...

i love avocados, it might be my favorite food of all time. And tomatoes a close second! When you come back and write next time come with a stuffed tomato recipe...

Erika said...

Thanks so much for that experiment! I'll go check it out now, it sounds fascinating :)

*fitcetera* said...

Stabilization is a goal for us all!

anne really DOES giggle at avocados :D

Life is Good, Harry/JP ... thank you for stabilizing those of us slightly off kilter this summer.

cilla said...

hi friend ,hope u are well, will be praying for linda and her hubby,stop by soon cilla

Harry/JP said...

I'll post the stuffed tomato recipe tonight, Nancy. :-)

Harry/JP said...

Thanks, Erika. I hope you like it. :-)

Harry/JP said...

Thanks, Fit.

Stabilization is just phase two of the plan. That's not to stay everything in my life is in perfect balance. I wish I could honestly say that! But I'm at least thankful that my weight is cooperating thus far.

Thanks for all you do as well. Your journey has been entertaining, inspiring and moving to many of us. Continued enlightenment and success, Karen!

Harry/JP said...

Thank you, Cilla. :-)

I'll be dropping by soon. Good to see you're blogging again.

Harry/JP said...


I almost forgot ... I already posted a very similar recipe on the HealthyFellow site:

Tonight's recipe also included organic sage, red pepper flakes, chicken sausage and natural pepperoni. Bam! Yummy! :-)

Anonymous said...

thanks for the recipe Harry!

Anonymous said...

I didnt know you had another website! I will add it to my list!

Harry/JP said...

Anytime, Nancy! I hope you'll enjoy it!

Thanks for adding my site! :)